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Nothing´s Changed lyrics


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     Nothing´s Changed
    >> The Calling
        It was a day just like this
    In a life of our times
    Shrugging signs there's no chance for us
    It's not mine to decide

    You never listened to what I said
    you never thought I'd succeed
    And though I've given you all I can
    You show no faith in me

    And I remember, and I recall
    And I can see that nothing's changed at all
    Though we falter, we don't have to fall
    And I can see that nothing's changed at all

    Even when I was young
    And the pressure was on
    You always told me to do my thing
    So what the hell went wrong


    An outcast coming home, opinions stay the same
    They'll spit them out and spin me right back through the door
    The louder that we scream, the more invisible we seem
    Is it gonna last forever

    Now I'm learning the lies
    From the skies where they reign
    Can't find shelter for myself
    And you're all to blame

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